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Over the past few years since 22TD began, there have been many new designs, but also many customer favorites as well. My business started with a simple illustration of love birds, that quickly evolved into expecting love birds, then a reindeer family arrived and in 2019 the rainbow unicorn became a quick favorite.
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I’m a Maker at heart and I always love to broaden my skills and offerings. Shortly after having kids I fell in love with wooden toys. I painted a set of peg dolls for my son’s 2nd Christmas (a Totoro set) and have loved painting them ever since.
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Ornament colors

All ornaments at 22TD are hand-filled by me – which means you can get an ornament in any color you like. Or pick out your favorite color among our wide selection. Don’t see a color you like? Send me an e-mailI’d love to create the perfect color for you.
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