About 22TD

It all started with dove…

TwentyTwo Turtledoves started on a whim in 2008 when I (Samantha) wanted to make a Christmas ornament for me and my boyfriend Randy’s first Christmas together. Coming from a crafty childhood I was excited to have a project to work on for the weekend. I bought a pack of clear ornaments from a craft store, filled one with paint and started drawing on it. My first attempt was a pair of kissing love birds (pictured) because Randy and I would say ‘I dove you’ to each other instead of ‘I love you’. Super excited of what I just created, I decided to make a few more and add them to my Etsy shop. At the time I was only selling polymer clay jewelry and figurines. To my complete surprise the ornaments got an overwhelming response and sold out quickly. After that, TwentyTwo Turtledoves was born.

Today, 11 years later, the shop not only features ornaments but now carries peg dolls, magnets, pins and much more to come – all hand made in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

WHAT’S WITH THE NAME? Since ‘dove’ started this whole business, I knew that had to be incorporated into the name somehow, and since these are Christmas ornaments, what sounds more Christmasy than “The 12 Days of Christmas”?! If you add up how many turtledoves there are after singing all the verses of that song, you get 22.

WHO ELSE IS BEHIND THE BUSINESS? Just me! Randy and my 4 year old will sometimes help out with packaging, but I’m the illustrator, designer, painter, webmaster and shipper of the whole business. If you reach out to TwentyTwo Turtledoves for any questions, comments or concerns, you’ll be sure to hear back from me, myself and I.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF CREATING EACH ORNAMENT? Each ornament starts out as a clear glass ball. They are then carefully hand-filled with paint and dried. The illustrations are first sketched out digitally or by pencil to paper and then drawn with a paint pen onto each ornament. Ornaments with color are hand-painted. They are then all triple sealed for lasting protection. Every single ornament is unique and no 2 are exactly alike.

WHAT ELSO DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME? I am a stay-at-home Mom to 2 littles (4 year old boy and 1 year old girl) and work part-time from home as a graphic designer & web developer. I also homeschool my 4 year old.

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