Imperfect Ornaments

I want each ornament my customers order to be perfect, so I make sure to triple check that each one is just that. But since every batch of ornaments I fill with paint comes with 1 or 2 imperfect ones, I’m starting to get an over abundance of ornaments that I can’t bring myself to just throw away. If you’re looking to save some money, and don’t mind a few minor flaws on the inside of the ornament then you’re in luck! I’m offering $5.00 off each ornament that I’ve had to add to my imperfect pile.

WHY ISN’T EVERY ORNAMENT PERFECT? Each ornament I create starts out clear and is hand-filled by me with paint and then set on a dryer for a full 24 hours. Varying thickness of paints, changes in temperature and different drying times results in some ornaments with a slightly less than perfect outcome.

HOW IMPERFECT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? Most of these defects won’t even be noticeable to the customer. Some of the issues can be cracked paint (usually near the top of the ornament), transparent areas (usually occurring on the shimmer ornaments), small air bubbles or other cosmetic defects. If there is an ornament that dried really bad that makes me cringe inside when I look at it, I won’t even consider selling it – not even at a discount.

DOES THIS HAVE ANY AFFECT ON THE DESIGN I CHOOSE? Not at all. The discount is just regarding the ornament itself. Any design can be drawn on the discounted ornament.

I’M IN! HOW DO I GET THE $5.00 OFF? Awesome! Just select “$5.00 off” under Ornament Colors on each listing. Thank you for helping me find a good home for these slightly imperfect ornaments. Please note that some colors may be unavailable for this discount.

NO WAY! I WANT MY ORNAMENT TO BE AS PERFECT AS CAN BE. Great! Just select “Regular Price” under Ornament Colors on each listing.

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